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Moroccan Nights

7 Jul

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‘I got it from my momma’

6 Aug

So we all have our fashion inspirations and icons but I feel one of my most influential fashionistas is my mother. You know when some people have just ‘got it’ well I think she has ‘it’. By ‘it’ I mean a creative eye for fashion and the ability to put things together and it just work perfectly.

You know those times and you’re having melt down because you’re going out in ten minutes and you cannot find anything to wear, this lady is always very handy to have on hand!

photo (27)
Here she really liked beyoncé’s outfit, so purchased the same Topshop skirt, but changed things up a little to suit her own style. For more of a casual look, to do all her running around, here she pairs the striped two-piece with Nike grey and yellow neon Air Max and a classic LV.

Perfect example of taking some inspiration and making it your own!

I also did her hair in this plait bun. We saw it on Pinterest and thought we’d give it a go! We are too cute!

Who is your fashion inspiration?

Olive Loves.

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