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Company Blogger Awards 2014

30 Jun

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 21.11.47

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to go to the Company Blogger Awards at the Oval Space in London. My outfit even got snapped for their ‘Best Dressed’ section for Company Online!

I got the chance to meet nominees of this year’s awards along with many other bloggers who were attending the event .  It was great hearing about what they’ve all been doing with their blogs and how they’ve been progressing. Continue reading


Fabric PR Press Day

24 May

Fabric PR Press Day

The Fabric PR AW14 press day took place in the fabulous location of the Dead Dolls Club this year. The collections from over 20 brands were spread out over 5 quirky floors which are all hand illustrated to depict ornate rooms in a grand manor setting.


Attendees included fashion editors, stylists, bloggers and friends of Fabric PR. Guests were shown first to the downstairs parlour where they viewed collections from: Monta Heritage, Gabicci, Villain Clothing, Ashley Marc Hovelle, Cinderela B and Prey of London.


Continue reading

Company Style Blogger Awards 2014

27 Apr

Best Personal Style Blog – Newcomer – Less than one year blogging


Hey! If you are stopping by and like what you see, then please vote for me here and let them know why my blog was useful for you! It would mean a lot 😀

Olive Loves x


16 Apr


A couple of weeks ago I went to see Beyoncé and queued like a mad woman all day to get to the front!!! Firstly the whole queuing thing wasn’t actually as bad as I thought! We arrived at London 02 around 8.30am and there were already a good 20 people there… Gutted. To make things seem worse we got given our numbered bands (which control the queue) and ours said that we were number 75 and 76 in the queue. WHAT! We found out that some people came the night before and managed to get these bands. Sneakeh.


First we had to queue outside before getting moved into another queue inside, where they then called people by the number on their band to move into early entry or regular queue! We had bought early entry tickets for an extra £25 and  these guarantee 200 people in 20 minutes before everyone else. From that point it turned out we were around number 20 in the early entry line, so arriving at 8.30am now didn’t seem so pointless!

The 02 is sheltered, but it was pretty cold, so we were lucky we brought a blanket to sit on and wrap round us. You start to make friends with people in the queue and they save your spot so you are able to have a wander around the 02 and get food, this made the day go by surprisingly quick!


It got to 6.00pm and it was time for us to be let in. We got moved into barriers where we stood in single file and then repetitively got told by security that if you run you get stopped… The barriers opened and I got my power walk on, but the other fans were crazy, running and getting picked up by security! Thinking of it now it was actually hilarious watching everyone trying to slyly run and dodge security whilst freaking out on which part of the stage to get to!


When the power walking frenzy was over  we landed ourselves a spot in the centre along the front row. All the pictures in this post were snapped by me on my camera so you can tell how close we were!

Miss Ivy comes out before the show and picks fans from the crowd to go into the V.I.P areas on the sides of the stage. The girls next to us were major fans and had Beyoncé masks and banners. These girls got picked, so I say if you want this to be you, the more crazy you go and more fan props you have the better!

My least favourite part of the whole day was waiting 6 til 9pm for Beyoncé to actually come on. We were pretty squashed against the barrier and boy did my legs ache!


Her support act was DJ Monsieur Adi, which seemed like an odd choice seeing as his signature sound is French and electro house but he managed to get the whole of the 02 arena going with just him and his decks! We got to meet him after his set, check out his eyes!


Beyoncé arose on stage after a epic visual introduction and was of course flawless… Throughout the night we got to hear several songs from her new album (including “***Flawless,” “Drunk in Love,” “Yoncé” and “Partition”). Queen B did however have one wardrobe malfunction when her skirt came undone and she danced the end of single ladies holding it up like a true performer! She said, ‘I think I just twerked ma skirt off!’ At one point wardrobe ran out and stage to help but she just laughed and gave them the no no leave me head shake!

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 19.24.51

Jay-z also made an appearance for ‘Drunk in Love’ and the crowd went absolutely insane!  Despite the raunchy song and performance they were ridiculously cute together on stage!


Things got emotional when she sang ‘Heaven couldn’t wait for you’


My girl style crush got even bigger when she came out in this monochrome outfit.


Things got fierce when the costumes involved a mix of leather and plaid. Beyoncé and the dancer’s check shirts even had lyric slogans on the back, making me think I want to customise mine!


Beyoncé was phenomenal live. Her voice, energy, style, dancing, sincerity, rounded up a perfect performance and if I were asked, would I queue all day again? For Beyoncé yes! 100% I would!


Olive Loves B.

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